Success in the New Economy

“The World’s Leading Entrepreneurs and Professionals Reveal Their Secrets for Achieving Success in the new economy.”
– Featuring Brian Tracy & Karlan Tucker

About the Book

The term “New Economy” is a buzzword that was originally used in the mid-1980s to highlight the transition from heavy industry to a new technology-based economy. By the mid-1990s, high-growth industries on the cutting edge of technology became the face of the New Economy. Electronics, along with the Internet, fueled this new and fast-growing age.

About Karlan Tucker

Karlan Tucker has been in the financial services business for 35 years. He has personally conducted over 5,000 interviews with people nearing retirement or in retirement, helping them to live their retirements to their fullest.

He is the CEO and founder of five companies under the Tucker Financial Group Umbrella.